My Brother, Steve Gershom.

No, really, he’s my actual brother, Joey.  Joseph Prever, to you.  He’s been writing as Steve Gershom (“Catholic, Gay, and Feeling Fine, Thanks”) for a couple of years now, but today , with the help of Daffy Duck and Strong Bad, he’s shedding the semi-anonymity — and hoping it won’t hurt his chances with the ladies.

Go say hello!  Good job, Joey.  We love you.


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One thought on “My Brother, Steve Gershom.”

  1. I’ve read a couple of his writings and found it very lifting. I’m a catholic parent of a gay child and am struggling so much. I admire his choice of celibacy. He is an inspiration for all of us to avoid the sin that plagues us and turn instead to God. We all have our cross to carry and he is an example of one to follow. I wish I could speak to him. I believe he Would truly understand both sides, my child and mine. I pray for my child and I every night, I’ll now also will pray for Joey.

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