In the bleak midbleh bleh

So here I am this morning, finishing up recording the audiobook which refuses to be finished.  I made it in black and white to signify the bleakness within, ho ho.  (Actually I was just thinking about not doing such percussive p’s.)  Then I went home and made lunch, and then found vinegar, spray bottles, and scrapers and Magic Erasers and got the kids to cleaning the dining room while I made banana bread for the kindergarten, and then I cleaned the kitchen from yesterday’s supper so I could get started on today’s supper.

NORMALLY, we don’t actually need scrapers to clean (yes we do), but we got 3/4 through removing the wallpaper over summer vacation, and now we’re doing the other 1/4.  Or, if I know them, we’re doing the last 23/25ths of it.  Because perish forbid we should ever finish anything.

Speaking of doing things right, hey, everything is going great in Russia!  One enterprising village, for instance, went all out in preparation for a visit from Vladimir Putin, who is a great leader who is doing great things and that is why everything is great in Russia.  Check out this Livejournal post  for more pictures of the real life Potemkin Village, with crumbling hovels wrapped up with pretty murals, some even showing painted cats sunning themselves, and painted potted plants inside.   (The page is in Russian, but Google translate will give you the general idea.)

And guess what?  Putin didn’t even show.

Let’s see, what else I got?  Onion tears look different from tears of grief, of course:













There is a fresh tomato orbiting the earth.  Hooray!

 Astronaut Koichi Wakata has a lovely Twitter feed with lots of pictures.

And now I have promised to dye my daughter’s hair purple before supper.  My other daughter just passed by the doorway and gave me such a dirty look for sitting down.  Fine!

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