Podcast #54: Faulknersauce!

In honor of FINALLY GETTING AROUND TO RECORDING A PODCAST FOR ONCE, we’re making this one free to all comers. (Normally, podcasts are for closers, I mean patrons.) Sorry it’s been so long! Or, you’re welcome! You’re welcome!

This evening, we snickered our way around hybrid wolves, Vienna sausages, the town with no bootstraps, cellulite, egg salad, William Faulkner and his sauce, the difference between boys and girls, and of course a poem by Wislawa Szymborska.

Additional audio “provided” by “Damien.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Podcast #54: Faulknersauce!
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2 thoughts on “Podcast #54: Faulknersauce!”

  1. Hooray, a new podcast! Glad to hear from you two again!
    (Also, I *LOVE* Over the Garden Wall and Gravity Falls! Though for me it was Dipper’s voice that took some getting used to at first.)

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