Special Valentine’s FREE Episode: 20 things we hated about FIREPROOF

We promised we’d have a podcast review of Kirk Cameron’s life-changing movie FIREPROOF for Valentine’s Day. And we lied! But we do have it just before midnight on the day after Valentine’s Day, and that’s, you know, fine. The good news is, we said twenty, but it’s actually twenty-seven.

This here is a special free podcast in honor of all men everywhere who struggle with trying to get their salt and pepper shakers separated when some asshole has glued them together.

Most weeks, our podcasts and archives are only available to patrons who pledge $1 or more through Patreon. These pledges keep this site going, and we appreciate them very much! How much? CONEY BONES MUCH!

I hope you enjoy it more than I enjoyed making this terrible graphic.

UPDATE: I should mention that it has been QUITE SOME TIME since we’ve managed to put out a podcast. We hope to start producing them again before too much longer, and we continue to be grateful to patrons for their support, but I feel the need to disclose what horrendous deadbeats we are at the moment. 

Special Valentine's FREE Episode: 20 things we hated about FIREPROOF
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4 thoughts on “Special Valentine’s FREE Episode: 20 things we hated about FIREPROOF”

  1. I have about 4 months worth of episodes of your podcast that I’ve decided to finally binge-listen to today. You guys are great. I’m laughing with you while I get things done around the house. Great podcast!

  2. I believe Bobby Lee Duke’s Lollipop Shop is an inside joke referring to a character from Facing the Giants. It’s mildly funny if you’ve seen that. Thanks for the hilarious review; I had friends who loved this movie, and I couldn’t force myself to like it.

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