Expelled from the Vortex: Eight alleged whistleblowers fired, claim sexual and financial misdeeds by Voris

By Damien Fisher

Church Militant’s board covered up for founder Michael Voris as he allegedly groomed male staffers while openly living a double life and paying staffers “poverty wages” while giving himself raises, according to several ex-employees who say they were fired for speaking out this week.

“The very cover-up tactics that Church Militant has railed against for 15 years are now being used against faithful former employees,” the group said in a fundraising statement.

Voris, who resigned just before Thanksgiving, is still a board member and is already planning a comeback, they said.  Voris’ return to being in front of the camera was always part of the plan when he resigned for violating Church Militant’s morality clause, they said. 

The group of eight Church Militant employees led by Dave Gordon say they were forced out of the organization’s Ferndale, Michigan offices on Friday, seven with police escorts. The group is now trying to raise $255,000 to “save the apostolate.”

As of Saturday morning they had raised $50.

Voris, who claims to have been cured of homosexuality, was allegedly actively pursuing homosexual encounters, including with employees, they said. Voris’ lifestyle was known to board members.

“Our band of brothers was formed in light of the recent revelations that our former CEO Michael Voris had re-embraced the homosexual lifestyle while the Board of Directors attempted to cover it up,” they said.

The group said they protested the layoff of one employee during a board meeting, and called for the board to step down. Their statement lays out their reasons as follows:

“1. Entertaining allowing Michael Voris, who seemingly groomed a former employee and lived a homosexual double life while posturing as a beacon of Christian virtue, to resume employment at Church Militant after he completes a 12-step program

  1. Delaying naming a CEO beyond what is necessary to responsibly vet and appoint a successor 
  2. Advocating to deceive donors by putting out an official statement that Voris resigned due to health concerns 
  3. Turning on an employee for vigorously objecting to renewed Church Militant employment for Voris and to a deceptively worded statement explaining Voris’ resignation. 
  4. Failing to come up with a content plan that would ensure Church Militant’s future success. 
  5. Keeping Michael Voris on the board of directors as a nonvoting member.”

Gordon released a video in the early morning hours of Saturday, but made it private a couple of hours later. 

“Guys, I’m overtired and mad and not thinking clearly. I want to think hard about whether posting that Church Militant video is in fact morally right. So I’ve put it as private for now. Will make the call tomorrow,” Gordon wrote on Twitter/X.

Viewers who watched the video while it was still public say Gordon alleges Voris was sending semi-nude photos to staffers, sent one such photo to a potential donor, invited an employee to his house while gay porn was playing on his computer, and groomed at least one male staffer. At least one such photo has been circulated on Twitter.

Gordon and the employees also accuse Voris of financial mismanagement. Gordon reportedly said they were paid poverty wages while Voris gave himself raises.

Voris is already accused of using Church Militant money to give a “loan” to a key witness in a federal defamation case in New Hampshire

 In the GiveSendGo appeal, the ex-employees say, “We have little doubt that St. Michaels Media / Church Militant will come at us with legal action. Two group members have already been contacted by Church Militant’s lawyer Kate Klaus.” Klaus is one of the attorneys who quit the legal case attempting to defend Church Militant against defamation, after Niles was caught hiding evidence during her deposition. 

Gordon also said on Twitter/X that Church Militant “forgot to sign” his nondisclosure agreement, and that he has revoked consent to their lawyer.


In Voris’ public video announcing his resignation, he said “I am not sure exactly when I will be back, if I am indeed back in front of the camera,” and he urges viewers to continue supporting his “apostolate.” Voris’ “investigative reporter” Christine Niles, in her public resignation video, also said she hoped to return to Church Militant as a contributor, and also urged viewers to continue funding the organization. 

Voris did not respond to a request for comment.

UPDATE: As of Saturday evening, the group of former employees had lowered their goal to $75,000 and received $75 in pledges.

UPDATE: Gordon made the video public again on Saturday evening. Here is the video:

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10 thoughts on “Expelled from the Vortex: Eight alleged whistleblowers fired, claim sexual and financial misdeeds by Voris”

  1. I haven’t gone to mass in over 2 years. I feel totally betrayed by “my”church. I was in the process of finding my way back when the Vortex scandal broke out.
    In my humble opinion I think that the ONLY way church militant can ever save face is to totally expose M Voris. The same way he chose to expose church hypocrisy.
    But of course they won’t.

    1. Never leave the Church Jesus made and left us the Eucharist for Judas, or sinners, or one’s, people who let you down as Satan wants to bring down the one true Church. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. Go for God and He reveals and Heals as this is a purification on this earth for your Eternal reward. We must pray for our brothers and sisters and see the good they brought to the world amidst their struggles and temptations. Hate the sin, not the sinner. We all are one step from falling. There for but the Grace of God I go… pray pray pray

  2. Never assume nobility in anyone, no matter how pious they appear. Father Corapi, now Voris. Some of the holiest presenters are the biggest sinners. Remember Jimmy Swaggart? Today I got a robocall from CM asking for money.

  3. Never assume nobility in anyone, no matter how pious they appear. Father Corapi, and now Voris. I got a robocall today from CM asking for money.

  4. YouTube has blocked this video. How sick and sad that the only way people will find it is through “alternative” news sources. It was foretold that all corrupt things would be exposed and fall apart in these Last Days, and that includes false churches and faith organizations. David Gordon has done us all a service by revealing critical details about this disaster that CM’s Board Members hoped would remain hidden. May God protect and provide for those who took a stand, and may Michael Voris once again find his way out of his personal darkness.

  5. I would love a more detailed summary of Gordon’s video. It looks long, and I can’t stand that dude.

    But, an appeal for money at the end sounds about right, and very on brand for a Gordon bro.

    What a mess!

  6. “If you, like me, believe that Church Militant must go on being a pack of hypocritical Inquisitors who trap and expose the sins of others while demanding privacy when we sin, please give now and Save The Apostolate so we can continue our vital work of hurting as many people as possible!”

  7. I figured it was either sexual misconduct or financial mess… didn’t think it’d be both, but that makes sense.

    Also…the hypocrisy is impressive.

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