Anniversary Podcast!

And here it is! Our 20th anniversary podcast, which we’re making free to all comers. OF COURSE we had some equipment trouble and ended up having to share a microphone. Made me a little uncomfortable sitting so close to this virtual stranger, but we muddled through.

We answered, sorta, the following questions generously provided by Facebook friends:

How did you meet?
What is one thing that you didn’t know/realize about each other when you got married, but now it’s your favorite thing?
What is the name of the podcast?
What’s the funniest thing that went wrong at your wedding?
Are you going to be doing anything special for your anniversary?
What had been your biggest “why did no one tell us this!?” revelation about marriage?
When did we realize you don’t know nearly as much about marriage as you thought you did?
What were some of our hardest times?
Why it is OK to have a big family and not a seven-figure income?
How do you keep that spark sparkling when children and work take all your time and energy?
And I read a poem by Adam Zagajewski.

Thanks for all the happy anniversary wishes! I’m so grateful for the support of my patrons and all my readers. Cheers!

Anniversary Podcast!
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5 thoughts on “Anniversary Podcast!”

  1. Adorable. I actually went to your wedding, as a plus one. I cant believe its been 20 years. Congrats!

  2. It is so wild hearing your voice after all of these years of reading your blogs. My husband was shocked listening alongside me…he knows I don’t like cussing nor do I “allow” him to do so…and I guess I’m like-well, she’s always been my exception. You two are beyond adorable together, and it’s a joy to hear a married couple being joyful together! What a rare treat! I wish you all the best!!

  3. I’m seriously thinking we had the same Fr Stan concelebrate our wedding!!!! Did he move to CA in the early 2000’s?

    Great podcast- you guys have nice voices.

  4. LOL,he was hinting to you to end the podcast, because you told him you would ask him about his favorite magician at the end of the podcast 🙂

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