Hey! I’m Simcha (that’s pronounced “SIM-kuh”) Fisher, wife, mother of ten, slob, drinker, selective pedant, blabbermouth. This is my favorite hat.

I’m the author of The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning. I freelance here and there, blog for The Catholic Weekly, contribute articles and scripture reflections to America Magazine, write columns for Parable Magazine and Our Sunday Visitor, and speak around the country. My husband Damien and I do a weekly movie review podcast called “Double Feature with the Fishers,” currently open only to patrons of this site. (NOTE: The podcast is currently on hiatus, but patrons can still access past episodes.) I won “Best Column” awards from the Catholic Press Association in 2018 and 2019, and third place in 2020 and some more that I will update at some point when I’m done making this marinade. Most Fridays, I just talk about food.

This here blog is the blog where I just blog. I’m tired, but not that tired.