Terrible craft my little kids absolutely love

A nice way to add some color to a house full of people who are pretty much tired of brown, white, brownish white, and black.  This is one of those crafts that is easy, but you have to not give a crap about your furniture or clothes.

Step 1:  sit on a bunch of coffee filters to flatten them.  Irene, 4, notes that this step is important, “although it’s a little bit vulgar.”

Step 2:  drip some water on them.

Step 3:  drip food coloring on them.  You may also do food coloring first, and then water.

Step 4:  let it dry. The end.

These dry fast and make nice marbled, stained glass effect, very cheery hanging in windows.  They look like planets.  You can experiment with different amounts and combinations of water and food coloring.  I know you can get this same effect with decent watercolors, but the kids really love squeezing the food coloring droppers.

Bonus:  you get Hulk Hands for a good week or so!

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