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Super super busy with other writing projects lately, but I don’t want to let the site languish. Here are a bunch of things that caught my eye lately, but that I haven’t had the time to write about:

Fr. Barron’s reflections on our beloved John Paul II.  He really was a hero.

A gently searing reflection on being useful and being sick. Lots to think about. Oh, lots. 

And old but lovely story about a group who helps dying people achieve their last wishes. The woman in the top photo wanted to see Rembrandt one more time. 

Hoop de doo, a Catholic school that is no longer going to let parents claim they can’t vaccinate because they’re Catholic! Because it’s just not Christian to give immunocompromised people the measles for no good reason. 

Something about sex work that I am reading because I need to understand things I don’t understand, and I won’t if I only read things I know I’ll like. It’s long, and I’m not done reading it yet.

A couple of dumbass laws by us, God’s dumbass people: Let’s have no pointy knives, because roast beef is a social construct; and also now how would it be if you can go to jail for calling someone a bitch, even if they totally are a bitch? Because goodness knows we can count on government to only take away a little bit of your free speech, and also the only way to discourage bad behavior is through the legal system YOU DUMB BITCHES.

A printable coloring page of the Trinity, just in case you needs one. 

Bernadette Carstensen is the one who painted that lovely picture of toddler Jesus putting a crown on a doting Mary’s head. I love how she’s at his feet and looking up to him, but also has her arm around his little bum, holding him steady. Raise your hand if you think I need to get in touch with Cerstensen and get my Catholic artist interview series going again.

And then I need to get in touch with this gal at Akathist Art. Eh? Eh?

And finally, back to John Paul II. This stupid video resurfaces every couple of years and I always cry like a dumb bitch when I see it. “Perhaps I love you more!” 

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