Guess what?  I’ve been putting a lot of old books on my 50 Books list, but today is different.  Today’s book is so new that you have to pre-order it.

AND, I wrote part of it!  Yes, inching my way slowly and angrily toward actually writing my own damn book, I was delighted when the strange and wonderful Ryan Charles Trusell of Labora Editions — YOU KNOW, THE ORA ET LABORA ET ZOMBIES GUY — asked me to join Dorian Speed, Dan Lord, and Brandon Vogt in writing short essays on the theme of Advent for a new “micropublishing” venture.  Naturally, I jumped at the chance to be involved in such a cool project with such cool people.

Here’s the cover for my contribution:

and here’s the official blurb for the whole set, which includes booklets from all four writers:

A subversive baby king, a lumbering grotesque, the empress of holiday traditions, and an epiphany on the day after Epiphany… All of this and more awaits readers inside the four slim volumes of the Labora Editions Adventhology. This new micropublishing adventure brings together four short pieces by four well-known Catholic bloggers, united by the common theme of the season of Advent and its culmination at Christmas. Each piece is published separately, as its own small booklet, of fine paper with a hand-printed softcover.

My dears, how much do you think a gorgeous hand-printed set of four original essays would cost you?  Well, nope!  It’s just $12 for the set, or you can buy each booklet separately for a mere $3.50.  This will make a lovely present, or (and you know this is a  high compliment from me) excellent bathroom reading.  Pre-order!  Shipping begins November 23.

Hoping to get some excerpts up tomorrow!  I’ve only read little bits of what Brandon, Dan, and Dorian wrote, so I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on this set.  Thanks to Ryan for including me, and for changing the cover at the last minutewithout breaking an apparent sweat, when I changed my mind and didn’t want to write about caterpillars after all!  Whew.

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