Product review: Pet Vet Center

I don’t usually do product reviews, but I’m so pleased with the birthday present we just gave our six-year-old daughter! It’s the Pet Vet Center by Lakeshore Learning Materials.

I thought it was kind of pricy at $29.99, but ordered it anyway because I was in a rush.  Turns out it’s really high quality.  The puppy is extremely sturdy and much bigger than I expected, and the legs are jointed, so you can pose it.  The cards and other accessories are heavy and durable.  The biggest surprise was the stethoscope.  It actually works!  We’ve had a LOT of doctor sets in our day, and the stethoscope usually works about as well putting a glass on a wall.  But with this one, the sounds are very clear and very loud.  You can hear your heart beating and your gut swishing around.  Very cool.

It doesn’t come with a carrying case, but the box is very strong and looks like it will last.  Overall, a very nicely designed toy, very appealing and sturdy, and made with actual kids in mind.

I ordered it through Amazon.  As with all the Amazon products I link to, I get a small percentage of any sale made (including any product on Amazon.  So if you click on a link I post on a book review, browse around, and end up ordering Epsom salts and a package of underwear, I still get a percentage).

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