Two in High School

Wah, my daughter just left for her first day of high school, and I forgot to tell her she looked pretty.  Well, it’s only a half day, and she seemed like she knew it, anyway.  Tomorrow I’ll give both girls a blessing before they leave.  (The other kids don’t start school until next week!)

And for everyone they meet, here’s some rules (courtesy of an amazing blog, Ask the Past)

Each and every one attached to this university is forbidden to offend with insult, torment, harass, drench with water or urine, throw on or defile with dust or any filth, mock by whistling, cry at them with a terrifying voice, or dare to molest in any way whatsoever physically or severely, any, who are called freshmen, in the market, streets, courts, colleges and living houses, or any place whatsoever, and particularly in the present college, when they have entered in order to matriculate or are leaving after matriculation.
Leipzig University Statute (1495)


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