Lena Dunham is the celebrity we deserve

PIC Dunham green hair

When my son was three or four, he used to stand by an open window, waiting for someone to walk by. As soon as he spotted someone, he would shout, “Hey! Hey! Hey!! HEY!!!!”

And as soon as they would look at him,  he would shout, “Leave me alone!”

That, in a nutshell, is Lena Dunham’s career thus far; and I predict that this latest flap will disappear without a ripple within the week. We always forgive the people who, one way or the other, make us feel the okayest about ourselves. She is most certainly the celebrity our decade deserves. But more than that, she is clearly a horrifyingly needy and messed up woman, and I am absolutely going to start praying for her as soon as I stop gagging.

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