No nastiness for Holy Week!

The wise and lovely Daria Sockey said on Facebook this morning: “I will not read or share a single post about Donald Trump this week or next week. This week is too solemn, next will be too glorious for such activity.”

A wonderful idea, worth expanding. I resolve not to read or share anything, Trump-related or otherwise, that’s likely to encourage myself or anyone else to be nasty. What do you think? Want to join me?

You can decide how far you want to go. Maybe you will skip complaining, or skip criticizing . . . including criticizing yourself. Maybe you will only share positive news, thoughts, and images; or maybe you will still talk about sad or ugly things, but will strive to respond to them in the most productive way you can. Productive = likely to make the world better instead of worse. Kind of a basic Christian goal, but not an easy one.

Oh man, this means I’m going to have to swallow some very witty zingers, and I’ll miss out on some fascinating, invigorating debates.  I won’t get my share when the latest juicy outrage bobs to the surface. But it’s just a week. If not this week, then which week? I think we can do this.

Feel free to use my chimpy image to post on your social media page, or just make a private resolve without announcing anything. No nastiness for Holy Week. Ready . . . go!

[img attachment=”95836″ align=”aligncenter” size=”medium” alt=”alley 2″ /]

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