Pain and pleasure, God and the fly

We always ask why there has to be pain in the world, but how often do we ask why there is pleasure? The sleeping fly will wake with a start and buzz off to another day of his meaningless life, driven by impulses, unaware that he is even alive, until one day he suddenly dies.

But I wake up . . .

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1 thought on “Pain and pleasure, God and the fly”

  1. It’s funny how a little insignificant creature can make us ponder our existence. I saw this funny little sand crab this morning on the beach laboring along doing what sand crabs do. A dark thought flitted through my mind that this is all we are compared to God, but then my mind flipped it to the other side, rejecting that reductionist idea, and I marveled at how God set up creation to both humble and exalt us. I thought of what St. Paul said about the mystery of what we will become. I felt blessed for his splendid, incomprehensible nature and didn’t mind that I am so laughably insignificant.

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