The wheat and weeds in my heart

I was startled to realize that even some of the things I think of as wheat are really weeds.

What kind of things? Righteous indignation that goes on too long, feeding on itself, delighting in itself. Vigilance that turns into paranoia and unseemly scrutiny of friends. An important political argument that takes so much time and energy that I have nothing left for my family. Whistling in the dark that finally stops hoping for comfort and starts revelling in the darkness.

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2 thoughts on “The wheat and weeds in my heart”

  1. This makes me think of the many times Jesus spoke in parables. Could it be that people were so entrenched in their thinking and irrationally angered that it was useless to address them with clear, truthful language? That’s what it often seems like today; it often seems useless to have a discussion because it will just devolve into angry accusations. Parables allow the truth for those willing to hear it, and disguise truth from those who will just throw a fit. I’m not sure even parables would work today. You can be accused and maligned for doing just about anything. Thank goodness we can still fast and pray.

  2. great article…. I could also add that it seems like the first and only reaction to evil is to scream and point and rage out …. what happened to introspection, self evaluation. When we see something bad, we look inward anymore, examining our own actions … sure maybe we are not marching with swastikas blazing, or openly spewing bigotry, but this is a chance to ask ourselves “what biases do I have?” “do I think, for example, that poor people should just get a job?” “old people are useless?” “people with kids they can afford are irresponsible?” If some of our judgement of others was turned inward, if we started working on our own issues over which we do have the ability to improve, there’d be less room for hate and judgement of others

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