Seasonal Readiness Level: Patti LaBelle

  1. It turns out my husband may have wanted a few pet turtles in an elaborate aquarium set-up for Christmas many years ago, but now he doesn’t. I really can’t bring myself to fault him for this. Back to square one.
  2.  This week, I heard a man say that it’s hypocritical and inappropriate to sing Christmas songs when there are poor, needy, people in the world who don’t even know where they’ll be spending the night.

3. Speaking of doozies, how in the name of all that is holly jolly did I never see this video from last year?


4. In the spirit of Advent, I took out all the parts of this post I was going to regret, and now it has 87 words.

5. I also spent some time this morning writing a wry parody of “Holly Jolly Chirstmas” which included a pointed send-up of Instrgram culture. “Where is it?” you ask? Oh, I threw it away. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

6. When I got my own site just over a year ago, I look’d at the internet with wild surmise and thought about all the amazing and brilliant things I could do with my newfound independence.

7. ??



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4 thoughts on “Seasonal Readiness Level: Patti LaBelle”

  1. That feeling when you write something that you really like, but then go back and review the piece and realize that it just doesn’t go? (sigh) Yes. But I don’t throw this stuff away, I save it in a file. You never know when you might be able to use it someplace else. Or maybe it will serve as the spark for a totally different idea.

  2. We finally closed on the house we were selling (HUZZAH does not even cover it, for so many reasons), and I was in the mood to celebrate, so I tried listening to Christmas music today, and the weird thing was, I wasn’t feeling it. Not yet. So I put in the Advent CD i got at the library, and oh, that was much better. When you go years of emphasizing to your kids “it’s still ADVENT, not CHRISTMAS, it wears off on you. Now off to plan a Dr Strange themed birthday cake for next week.

  3. It makes me sad that you cut out the stuff you might regret. Party Pooper.

    I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for the NCR outrage–when my mouth would go “O” and I’d think, “Oooooooo man, she actually wrote that!” And we’d all get a warm glow that undies were getting up in a bunch all over American Christendom.

    It’s like missing SisterBernieButt who needed to shave her beard.

    Nobody had the guts to tell her the truth, but we all thought about it. It would have actually been an act of charity if only our outrage had been bested by our courage.

  4. I will admit to feeling like the guy from #2 sometimes – not in a critical way, but in a despairing way. “Ah, so much crud is going on!! And even if I can’t do anything about it, how am I supposed to just put it out of my mind and enjoy the season?!”
    Stuff like #3 helps.

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