Five pieces of advice for pastors (and a thank-you)

Last week, a priest responded to the article “Five Rules for a Royal Bride” with a humble request: “I wish Catholics in the pews would write us new pastors and new ordained priests advices like these! Y’all help us to be men of God, men for others, and men that have joy in their lives! Send me your five advices before I become pastor . . .”

Can do.

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Image by photographer Matthew Lomanno, part of his visual essay North Country Priest. Used with permission.

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3 thoughts on “Five pieces of advice for pastors (and a thank-you)”

  1. #5 (“Take care of yourself”) is one that often touches on people’s lives & habits. It’s worth noting that the Church places both a priest’s vacation and annual retreat above maintaining the schedule of any particular parish (see CIC 533 §2 (re: vacation rights) and CIC 276 §2 /4 (re: retreat obligation – generally agreed to be 5 days, as required before ordination)). Supporting our priests may mean sacrificing a favorite Mass (daily or even Sunday) so that he can get away for a time and come back refreshed and ready to continue in ministry. It means a great deal when parishioners voice their willingness to make this sacrifice for the priests well-being.

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