Suicide and abortion stem from the same lie

Those looking from the outside can readily see that severely depressed people do not actually need or deserve death, no matter what they say. Instead, they need and deserve to be rescued from the dark lies that call death their only choice.

There is no easy answer to intense human suffering, but one thing is sure: We do not show love by enabling despair, by affirming the lies that make death attractive, by keeping other humans in a dark hole. Love is truth, even painful truth. Love never affirms lies.

But if we see this so clearly in the case of senseless, tragic suicides, why do we hedge when it comes to abortion?

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Image by Thom Chandler via Flickr (Creative Commons)

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3 thoughts on “Suicide and abortion stem from the same lie”

  1. You are trying to come to grips with an ideology that is corrupt to the point of absurdity. Put abortion aside for the moment and look at suicide. The liberal left… ideology that encourages the right to die and assisted suicide then laments when someone actually does choose to commit suicide and defaults to the position that it was mental illness.

    The outcry over immigration and the separation of children from their parents but not so much when the government redefined marriage which denys the rights of children to a mother and father.

    Don’t look for reason on the left.

  2. Excellent essay. There are many reasons to oppose suicide and abortion, but the essential thing is that we listen and care for those who may be contemplating either one. I applaud Simcha for her well thought out point of view. We have a number of lies surrounding these issues. Death with dignity is a very large one. What is dignified about taking a life? Also interesting is that Planned Parenthood will not allow pregnant women to have sonograms before an abortion. Statistically, for women who do, 80% decide against abortion. Is Planned Parenthood trying to help women or simply trying to make a few more bucks?

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