Blog business: changes in comment moderation

A little blog business.

Most of my commenters are thoughtful and insightful and civil, and I’m grateful you’re here! More and more frequently, though, some readers have been leaving libelous comments about other people. I wasn’t sure if I could be held legally responsible for allowing them to be published; and anyway, I don’t want anyone libeled in my combox.

So now, rather than letting all comments go through and then deleting problematic ones, I changed the settings so all comments go into moderation, and then I manually approve comments individually. I’m in and out a lot, so if your comment doesn’t show up right away, it doesn’t mean I’m mad at you. I’m probably just at Aldi or something.

I do approve almost all comments, including critical, unfriendly, or insulting ones. I have, however, become less patient with readers who are nothing but outrageously nasty year after year after year, and I have blocked a few people who are occasions of sin for me. The whole rest of the internet is still yours to poop on, folks; just not my tiny little patch of digital grass.

Any reader is always welcome to contact me through the “contact” tab at the top, or directly at simchafisher at gmail dot com. If you do contact me through the site, please be sure you’re using an active email address, so I can respond.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting! Or at least trying to, ha ha. I don’t know what the picture is supposed to be about. You just have to have a picture.

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5 thoughts on “Blog business: changes in comment moderation”

    1. Nope. I specifically said “I do approve almost all comments, including critical, unfriendly, or insulting ones.” Last I checked, Abby deletes all comments that disagree with her even in polite and civil terms. Maybe she has changed her policy recently.

  1. I miss the NCR when you were there. I don’t even read it anymore. BY THE WAY, WT_ ever happened to Gary TA?

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