Seeking sponsors for Clearblue fertility monitor giveaway!

NFP Awareness Week is coming up, tra la la. Here on my blog, I like to go beyond awareness to doingsomethingaboutitness when possible. I don’t have money, but I do have this platform, and I know I have some very generous readers. And I love Marquette NFP.

So, who’s in to sponsor a Clearblue Fertility Monitor to be given away, preferably to couples who can’t afford to buy one?

Monitors are currently about $110 on Amazon. If you or your organization would like to sponsor a monitor to give away, I’ll give you a day of space here on my blog to promote your organization, company, charity, or to honor someone, or whatever you like, with text and two images during the week starting July 22.

I’ll share the post with your content twice on my personal Facebook page and twice on my professional Facebook page, twice on Twitter and once on Google+ and once on Tumblr; and I’ll give extra raffle entries to readers who share on social media.

I reserve the right to refuse any sponsor who wants to promote something I consider inappropriate!

Getting a monitor made a huge difference in our experience of NFP. HUGE. (Exhibit A: Corrie is almost three-and-a-half, and she is still our youngest.) We found the method easier (after a rather steep learning curve), more objective, less labor intensive, and it gave us more predictable results and more available days; and, for whatever reason, the culture around Marquette seems less cluttered with weird attitudes toward women and sex. I wish we had started on Marquette years ago, but we simply didn’t have the money.

If you want to be a superstar, you could sponsor a monitor and a box of 30 test strips, which can last a woman in regular cycles three months or more.

Interested? I love you! Contact me at simchafisher at gmail dot com with “I’d like to sponsor a monitor” in the subject heading, and we’ll get started.


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4 thoughts on “Seeking sponsors for Clearblue fertility monitor giveaway!”

  1. I’m not in a position to help sponsor this giveaway, but I think this is such a great idea! And I second everything you said about Marquette; it helped us a lot in the murky postpartum phase our last time around.

  2. *gasp* Any details on when the giveaway will be? I need to jump on this! Been needing a monitor for a good, long while.

    1. It will be the week of July 22. Gosh, I left out some fairly important information. I blame the heat!

      1. As for the steamy brain condition–I saw that it will heat up here, on the central west coast on Thursday, and there will be cooling there on the East coast the same day.

        Lamentably, we will have a chilly 4th. I have seen the theory borne out too many times to dismiss it that the central East coast and the central West coast are opposites.

        I agree that the Clear Blue Monitor worked pretty darn well, (and even used one illicitly once but he thanks me now).

        More than anything else I prefer perimenopause infertility. Sometimes it nearly corrupts my Catholic ideals, but then I realize that without those ideals I’d have just popped pills or snipped things without courage–and I wouldn’t have the ones I adore.. Maybe after paying some dues, we earn the right to free wheeling? Because it’s is my favorite. Sorry CCL, you were wrong about that honeymoon theory.

        (Last month we had a 33 day scare after two years of 27-28 days, and actually had to buy a test. We’d take up hang gliding for a more responsible thrill but the last three are too young for that kind of endorphin rush.)

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