Tuesday Clearblue Fertility Monitor Giveaway #3 and #4

Day two of the Clearblue monitor giveaway! Winners of yesterdays monitors and boxes of test strips will be notified by email very shortly.

Today, we have two sponsors. An anonymous donor who uses and likes Marquette is sponsoring a monitor, and Kathy Aabram is sponsoring a monitor and box of test strips. Kathy requests prayers for a mom, A., in a difficult and unstable situation, for her baby, and for the potential adoptive couple she’s working with.

Thank you to both donors!

I hope you enjoy today’s graphic. I put a lot into it, as always.

Today’s raffle is open only to US residents. There will be one prize for UK residents and one for Australia residents in the coming days.

The raffle details:

How do I enter? Use the Rafflecopter form below. It gives you several ways to enter. If the form doesn’t show up, click on the link that says “a Rafflecopter giveaway” at the bottom of the post. Only one prize per household.

How often can I enter? You may enter once per day, using as many ways of entering as you like (see form below for details). Two winners will be chosen per day. Each day is a separate raffle. Each raffle runs from midnight to midnight, eastern time.

Can I win if I live outside the US? Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are open only to US residents. On Thursday, there will be one prize for a US resident and one for a UK resident; and on Friday, there will be one prize for a US resident and one for an Australia resident.

When will winners be announced? I’ll choose two winners each day on Monday through Friday. I’ll announce all the winners on Friday, or possibly on Saturday if I am a terrible person.
If you are a winner, I will notify you using the address you provided to Rafflecopter.

Do I have to provide my actual email address, even though I worry that you will use it to steal my soul and then go on a shopping spree at Forever 21? Yes, please use an actual email address. I don’t even want your soul. Your valid email is the only way I have of getting in touch with you if you win, so please make sure that when you sign up for Rafflecopter, you use an active address! If I can’t get in touch with you, I’ll pick a different winner.

Good luck!

If the Rafflecopter form doesn’t show up below, follow this link.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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One thought on “Tuesday Clearblue Fertility Monitor Giveaway #3 and #4”

  1. Fire on the mountain, lightening in the air,
    Test strips in them hills are waitin’ for me there.

    — Marshall Tucker Band (next-to-last draft)

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