The wind will take it

A dead leaf threw itself under the windshield wiper blade and was dragged back and forth three times before it was released by the wind. “Take the exit,” my phone barked, but I was in the wrong lane to exit.

The sky grew darker, and then I was lost. I lost my nerve, I fell apart, became unravelled, was utterly helpless in the teeth of terror as I drove. It was a formless kind of multi-terror, with no particular name and no discernible end, and it shook me like helpless prey.

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Image by laterjay via Pixabay (Creative Commons)

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4 thoughts on “The wind will take it”

  1. “I am not going to tell you that it worked, because I don’t think I know how anything works. ” Thank you – this is actually one of the most profound sentences in the post. Certainly it’s where I’m living, much of the time. And where I think we’re supposed to live, all of the time. Called humility, I do believe.

  2. Dear Simcha, I have read you for years, and I think this is one of the most beautiful, profound, important things you have ever written. Thank you for keeping on, with life and writing, helping us all not to be alone.

    The post photo on your page is absolutely gorgeous, too, also one of my favorites.

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