To Mrs. Rich, wherever she may be

Thanks for taking us out past the playground into the warm, dim, shadowy woods so we could drink our cartons of milk on a carpet of pine needles while you read to us about The Little Red Hen. I really liked it.

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Photo by Yogurt yeah [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

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One thought on “To Mrs. Rich, wherever she may be”

  1. As a teacher, thanks for that!

    Also, as a teacher, a couple of thank-you gifts I really appreciated:
    1. Anything really, truly, actually made by your kid, whether it be a picture, a card, or some weird craft. I treasured for years a Sculpey figurine of a Canada Goose a little girl made me because she knew I was Canadian. (I would still, except that it went missing in a move over the years.)

    2. A really nice automatic pencil. Because you can never have too many automatic pencils.

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