Why isn’t there more advice about raising teenagers?

These feelings of helplessness are actually a good thing, assuming you all survive. It’s a good thing to realize that you’re no expert, you’re no genius, you’re no bottomless font of wisdom. It’s a good thing to realize that your child is not a robot to be programmed, or an empty sack to be filled with whatever habits and preferences and traits and skills you choose.

What your child is is a unique, irreplaceable immortal being with terrifyingly free will and a lot less self-knowledge than he had a few years ago; and what you are is someone who loves your kid and wants the best for him, but is so far from being in control, it’s laughable.

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One thought on “Why isn’t there more advice about raising teenagers?”

  1. I am among those who wish it were possible for you to write more about what you habe learned from your teenagers about parenthood and how to raise teenagers.
    This was a welcome read for me and I only wish there were more Posts of yours on this subject (I understand why there arent).
    Thank you!

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