One size fits most

Readers may not be aware of how heavily writers rely upon reference books, such as encyclopedias, thesauruses, Wikipedia, Dickeypedia, and of course a rhyming dictionary, which often reveals hidden truths about language through a kind of mystical game of word association which posits that synonyms come in triads, or what Carl Jung used to call “threeness envy.” Nobody knew what he meant by that. He has a really weird accent.

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Image: Luigi Cherubini and the Muse of Lyric Poetry by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (Creative Commons)

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3 thoughts on “One size fits most”

  1. That “reading time” estimate at the top seems to be a new feature of that site.
    And that is why* I hate the internet. It tells you what you want to read based on tl;dr limits, not on the name of the writer.

    *among other reasons, some of which are also sometimes why I like the internet. Catch-22 or something.

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