withDraw2020, round 2: As you were, but gently

Did you join in my daily art challenge, #withDraw2020? It was fun! Now we’re starting round 2. We’ll begin on Monday, April 20. 

The rules are simple:

Using the daily prompt, make a work of art.
Share it on social media and tag it #withDraw2020.
Use any medium, as long as it’s your own work. Most people are drawing or painting, but some are taking photographs or writing poems.

You don’t have to be a skilled artist, just a willing one. It’s a way to be creative every day, and to share an experience with other people, even as we continue to isolate ourselves physically. Withdraw, draw with, get it? To take a look at some of the entries from the first round, search Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the hashtag #withDraw2020. 

I made a few changes for this round. This time, the prompts are not related to COVID-19; the graphic includes the date for each prompt, so it’s easier to keep track; and we are taking the weekends off. I like the idea of making something every single day, but realistically, it’s helpful to have some catch-up days. Just don’t give up!

Graphic by my daughter, Clara Fisher, whose Instagram is here. She tried to talk me out of the first prompt, but I like it.

Here is the official list of prompts:

April 20: perpendicular

April 21: bud

April 22: bundle

April 23: spill

April 24: launch


April 27: chain

April 28: trail

April 29: grind

April 30: lift

May 1: tender


May 4: turn

May 5: sink

May 6: cover

May 7: stalk

May 8: breath


May 11: scale

May 12: ring

May 13: spot

May 14: miss

May 15: break


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