Question for email subscribers only!

Hello, everybody – I am having some problems with the subscription service on this site. I think people who have signed up to receive an email every time I publish a post haven’t been getting them for a while. It may or may not have been fixed. If you are a subscriber — that is, if you have signed up through my site to receive emailsand you got an email of some kind for this post, can you please let me know, either in the combox or on social media?

Also, if you have gotten emails in the past but have stopped getting them, what is the date of the last one you got? 

Thank you so much for your help with this! Trying to get this cleared up asap! Please enjoy this picture of a strange mailman who is doing his best.

image by (Creative Commons)

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6 thoughts on “Question for email subscribers only!”

  1. Yes, you’ve been sadly missing from my mail for a few of weeks now. I think it was shortly after Thanksgiving that I had to start going to your blog to view your posts.

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