My interview with James Janknegt of Bright Corners Art Farm

In case you missed it, here’s my interview at Aleteia with Catholic artist Jim Janknegt. Fascinating guy, incredibly powerful work. I wish I could have made the interview five times as long.

I’m moving!

venus of armchair

I’ll miss you most of all, Venus.

You guys.

First I had a hard time keeping it a secret, and then I got busy and forgot to tell you, and so now here it is at the last minute: I’m moving. To Aleteia. Starting today! Here’s my first post: A quiz to see if you are Simcha Fisher. I dunno, it seemed funny at the time.   Starting as soon as I work my way through a few stupid technical issues.

I’ve loved being here at Patheos, and it wasn’t easy to make the decision to leave. I’ve made some friends I hope to keep forever.

Will you come see me at Aleteia? The entire site has been revamped, and it’s just gorgeous, with Elizabeth Scalia at the helm and a wonderful group of writers and contributors. Along with the indefatigable Deacon Greg Kandra, who moved to Aleteia some weeks ago, I’ll be blogging all through the week. I’ll still be blogging at the Register, but probably not quite as often.

Please bookmark my new blog! I’ll have all my archives with me soon, but this page won’t redirect.

My Aleteia piece on the suffering faithful…

gesu crucifix



is spotlighted today:

The Church is full of the obedient wounded. The flock who never strayed have troubles of their own, and some of these troubles come directly from original sin, the effects of which no doctrinal development, pastoral compassion, or rigorously trained professional can completely undo.

Poor family, they need to hear that their sorrows are known to God and to the Church. That the cross still hangs there above the altar because it must be faced, sooner or later, even when we’re inside the walls of the Church. Sacramental marriage is not a safe, cozy nest where no predators can find us. Every marriage includes some element of the cross.

Read the rest at Aleteia.

By the way, have you seen Aleteia lately? It’s gorgeous. They’ve revamped their whole site, and Elizabeth Scalia is bringing on lots of great writers.

Also, I’ve received tons of mail in response to the open letter to the Synod Fathers from Monica More that I posted last week (Married to an Angry Man). I am grateful that so many people took the time to offer responses and help. Please be patient while I work on responding.