Since when does the Pope meet with porn stars?

Crux is running a quickie story headlined Pope meets two American stars: Angelina Jolie and Cardinal Burke; and the picture featured is of the Pope shaking hands with a smiling, decorously attired Jolie, who was in town to promote her film Unbroken. 

Jolie has … said the experience of making the film has reopened her to the idea of the divine, if not any specific religious faith.

In a statement, Jolie called the chance to present the film at the Vatican “an honor.”

My general impression of Angelina Jolie is that (a) she grew up in Hollywood, and it’s a miracle she’s even human at this point; (b) she is mixed up about a lot of things, but seems to be trying hard to be a decent human being and a good mother, and seems to want to take advantage of her celebrity to do good, as she sees it; and (b) she sure is pretty.

Of course, the Pope meets with people constantly, every day, all year long, so I didn’t think a little handshake is a story to get worked up over either way.

NOT SO THE INTERNET! NOT SO!  Here’s a thread I saw on Facebook under a link to the Crux story:


jolie pope

Yarr. Two points:

1. Can we save the description “porn star” for people who are porn stars?

2. There is actually some precedent for a representative of the Church meeting with sexy ladies. See:


image source: Kevin Probst [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Because if there’s one thing we learned from the Gospels, it’s that Jesus would never

. . . Oh, never mind.