Did you see Minor Revisions?? UPDATE: YouTube link included

I didn’t get to see Minor Revisions last night!  Jen Fulwiler gave us ten extremely persuasive reasons why, despite the grievous lack of any husbands wearing banana suits, we would want to watch her reality show miniseries.  Did you see it?  How was it?  It’s a three-part series, and the next episodes will air Dec. 20 and Jan. 10.  You can also watch it live online (IF all five internet-enabled devices don’t crap out on you simultaneously, like ours did; in which case you can have some taquitos and fall asleep on your husband while watching a JeanClaude Van Damme movie, and it will actually be the nicest evening you’ve had in weeks.   IF.)

Argh.  I feel like the kid who missed trick-or-treating because I was home with chicken pox.  How was it, how was it???

UPDATE:  Because the servers crashed from so many people trying to watch last night, the producers have put the entire first episode on YouTube, and you can watch it here.  (That is a link to Brandon Vogt, who posted the video.  My computer will not do anything I want it to do today.)

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