Al Kresta is a classy guy.

Some of you may have heard the radio conversation I had with Al Kresta and Monica Miller, about whether or not pro-lifers ought to publicly display graphic abortion images.  (I don’t think it’s archived, but it was at around 5:00 on Friday, Feb. 1).

I was not happy with the way that conversation went, but I know that I did my best, so I chalked it up to “Catholics be that way sometimes,” and figured I’d just move along.  But Al is going to do a follow-up on our conversation today at 5 Eastern Time (you can listen live here).  He phoned me privately before the show, hoping to get my participation or response, but I was out picking up some kids who decided it would be a fine day to throw up during math class (kids be that way sometimes).

I’m not sure exactly what Al is going to say on air, but goodness knows I’ve said things I regret — or said things that I believe, but I regret the way I said them!  So I really appreciate that he’s going to the trouble to acknowledge publicly that it was not an ideal conversation.  That there is a good guy.

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