What does the Apostolic Nuncio’s letter about Medjugorje signify?

Spirit Daily has posted the following letter:

I was seeing confusion and varying interpretations about what this letter actually signifies or implies. Scott P.Richert of  About.com’s Catholicism page gave me this background explanation:

[A] bishop (singular) initially thought that there was something to the apparitions, but as he investigated it more deeply, he came to see otherwise. Since then, the bishops with the authority to investigate and determine the validity of the apparitions have all said, as the letter itself states, that “On the basis of the research that has been done, it is not possible to state that there were apparitions or supernatural revelations.” As a consequence, those bishops have forbidden pilgrimages, etc., to the site of the alleged apparitions.

Yes, the letter is a specific warning addressed to the bishops of the United States. But the substance of the warning is that clerics and faithful should not participate in these events in the United States for the same reason that they should not participate in them in Medjugorje.

Scott has written this article to clarify what the bishops have said in the past, and how the process of evaluating a purported vision actually proceeds:  An Exorcist Looks at Medjugorje.


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