In the spirit of Christmas, the hungry get a five-minute head start.

Or, why you should read the title of your wonderful, charitable program out loud several times, in front of several different people, before you make it official:

Hunt for the Hungry is a lovely program that allows local hunters to donate fresh game to the  needy through the NH Food Bank.

It does not, as the name implies, release into the wild dozens of hungry and desperate citizens of Southwest NH, to provide corking good sport for local hunters; or, as my ten-year-old son imagined it: “You’re hungry? Well, so am I!” [*ka-poww*]

PIC the most dangerous game


Next up: I want a word with the geniuses who dreamed up the “Catsplosion!” adoption event at the local Humane Society.

People. Just call me first. I’ll give you my honest opinion, I promise.

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