Breasts? Mary? La la la . . .

I’m actually working on a post about whether or not breastfeeding is sexy, but in the meantime, this painting of Mary nursing baby Jesus is cracking me up:



Our Lady of La Leche by Lorenzo Zaragoza [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Found via Jen Fitz, who used it to illustrate the karaoke party that you narrowly avoided by going to my virtual baby shower hosted by Rebecca Frech, rather than a physical one. (She also included a drink recipe, a trend which is quickly making this my favorite baby shower ever.)

This picture made me laugh because look at how Mary’s breast is just sort of silently, decorously filtering its way through the front of her dress!

jesus nursing detail

Wouldn’t that make postpartum clothes shopping easier? I wonder if this was painted by some highly innocent monk, maybe on commission. The whole time he painted, he was thinking, “La la la, not going to think about it . . . ”

It reminds me of the one and only time my grandfather changed his baby’s diaper. He simply tied it around her waist. Completely in denial about the biological reality of what was happening down there. La la la . . .

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