Lord, you said there would be wine.

So here it is, a January Wednesday morning in the middle of ordinary time. My feet are cold, my brain is tired, I’m behind on everything, and all I can think of is all the things I messed up one more time, and how unlikely it is that the future will be different. Doesn’t feel like there’s a wedding party anywhere in the near future, let me tell you. So what’s my plan?

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2 thoughts on “Lord, you said there would be wine.”

  1. If there is a bourbon with food, it is more fun If there are some family members and friends with it. Drinking with food is a good act and i definitely drink the wine with food. I know the 55 percent of black Americans live in the South, and both Hispanic and Asian-American populations are growing rapidly there.

  2. Great information, I would say that this is one of the best articles. I think that diversity a key to any industry. Wine is so expressive for winemaker I’m thrilled to see more women represented! Thanks for sharing this information.

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