Ella Fitzgerald, Ephraim Kishon, and Nucky Thompson

I know I just did one of these, but I have four (4) unfinished posts that I started today that I can’t seem to finish, plus one finished one that is the best thing I ever wrote, only it is called “What To Do When a Lot of Ladies Are Mad at You on the Internet,” and it’s Lent, so I can’t post it.

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I’m watching  . . .

Boardwalk Empire, season 2

I almost gave up on this after the first season, because even though it’s gorgeously shot and the setting, costumes, and soundtrack were a constant feast for the senses, I hated all the characters, couldn’t deal with the extraordinarily violent violence, and also had no idea what was going on. In the second season, they fixed the first and third problems — whittled the million byzantine plot lines down to a manageable five or six intelligible ones, and made most of the characters way more interesting and way more relatable, and the ones who weren’t salvageable, they just shot. It’s still uberviolent, but it earns it now.

Here’s the opening sequence, so beautiful and worth watching every time:

They also managed to have a few episodes without any ridiculously explicit sex scenes. Glad I stayed with this show! I loves me some Steve Buscemi, and I finally figured out where I’d seen the fascinatingly lovely Mrs. Schroeder (Kelly Macdonald) before: she played Evangeline in Nanny McPhee.

Boardwalk Empire is on Amazon Prime. Recommended, if you don’t mind watching HBO-type shows.


I’m reading . . . 

My Family Right or Wrong by Ephraim Kishon

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Just got this in the mail today, so I haven’t started it yet, but I have high hopes (thanks for the recommendation, Staša!). Unfair to Goliath was so crazy and funny and weird. Ridiculous satirical essays about Israel in the 1970’s, translated from Hebrew. If you like the kind of stuff I write when I’m half in the bag, that’s me channeling Ephraim Kishon.


I’m listening to  . . .

nothing. I got nothing. Who can recommend something for me? I was awake from 4:30 until at least 7 this morning with “I Was Doin’ All Right” playing my head.

Not a bad soundtrack, but I would rather have been sleeping.

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