It’s a Valentine’s Day Vortex!

Several years ago, I spent one fine morning making Michael Voris valentines out of screenshots from his show, The Vortex. In light of the current lawsuit against him, I thought it was time to share again. (If you weren’t going to click through, consider this: Someone has been leaving multiple comments on my husband’s site, claiming to be Michael Voris, but using the screen name “shutupoprah.”)

Here’s a new entry for 2021, screenshot courtesy of Mike Lewis of Where Peter Is, who was caught in the Vortex not long ago:

Feel free to print these out and mail them to someone who’s entangled in an ungodly marriage with the church of nice, and see if maybe that will get you some tail for once. 

protestant garbage

And this one:

crack addicted

And like so:


And one of these:



Disclaimer: These valentines feature quotes by Michael Voris which have been altered so as to be more smooch-worthy.
Further disclaimer: His real name is Gary, no kidding!

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