A day without that one woman

would have looked like this:

and this:

and this:

and this:


and this:

and this:

And so on.

Because without her, we wouldn’t have Him.

No jokes, no anti-feminist message here. Just gratitude that that one particular women showed up on that one particular day. Mary, give me the strength to show up today. Jesus, do with my presence what you will.

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8 thoughts on “A day without that one woman”

  1. A day without a woman showed women who are as far away from the model woman who called herself the handmaiden of the Lord. A look at “the woman” shown in each cut out picture shows a woman who humbly served in total obedience and believed all generations would called her blessed.
    Woman is already so important and indispensable to the world, but her power derives from her role to nurture the future. Man will always ascend to the top levels of power because of their inherent nature, however, it is the woman who determines what type of man she will reared that will determine the type of world she wants to live in. If women continúe in this pursue of feminism equality, she will destroy the very essence of the power given her by God to build a world in which a woman brought forth the Man who would rule in peace and love.

  2. How would that ever be considered anti-feminist? Here’s something you can do with your presence: I had a date tonight I got from an online dating service. It was weird. She’s an adulteress, with her husband’s consent, apparently. And I’m somewhat sure–she was pretty shrewd and cagey about it, with impeccably plausible deniability–that she’s looking for a man to have a threesome with her and her boyfriend. I wondered why women’s profiles on there were sometimes so adamant about not wanting hookups and liars and so forth. I guess this kind of situation is why. Very strange. Can you write a post riffing on that somehow? How do you explain that? For the record, I’m basically going out with any willing and attractive female, to learn more about women.

    1. Oops
      I forgot to say that without woman their is no man.

      Holy Mary – Mother of God, Mother of the Church, Mother of us all.
      Pray for us sinners- Please

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