The Panama World Youth Day logo is … ongepotchket

Art basically exists because of us. We’re the ones who fought back hard against the idea that the body and its senses are inevitably at war with the soul. Our whole thing is clarity. I don’t mean to be cute, but the word “logo” comes from the word “logos,” as in “En archē ēn ho Lógos.” In the beginning was the word, and the word was not ongepotchket.

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4 thoughts on “The Panama World Youth Day logo is … ongepotchket”

  1. This attempted logo prompts no response except “What IS that, anyway?”

    After reading the explanation, it only gets worse. Why five continents–doesn’t Mary care about all seven? (If it’s only the inhabited continents . . . aren’t there six of those?) Why is the cross so pathetic-looking (like crossed red french fries) and pushed to the side?

    And what could the alternatives possibly have looked like that some group of people chose this one?

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