Mite makes right

There’s a reason treasure is more popular than pennies.

But woe to me if I keep on being snarky to someone who is trying hard to make amends, trying hard to be a better person. I wouldn’t smack a coin out of the hand of a widow who’s being as generous as she can be, and I shouldn’t despise a message like the one I got. I should, in fact, follow his example.

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Image by Erica Zabowski via Flickr (Creative Commons)

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One thought on “Mite makes right”

  1. Yup
    It’s never easy to join with another in respecting one another, but the main man gave us a distinct push in that direction. Love God, Love one another – is the only rule or message we need. Whenever I get lost in bad moods or attempt to judge others, I remember those words. They are unequivocal and not subject to misunderstanding.

    Hence I love you and the person you corresponded with and everyone else. I try to love God and only hope that my contribution is the right one.

    Goodnight from the UK

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