When we’re mad at God because we’ve sinned

The other night, I was having a mild panic attack in the middle of the night, and I dealt with it this way: I breathed in while thinking, “I don’t know what’s going to happen next,” and then breathed out while thinking, “But I place my trust in Jesus.” I accepted my ignorance and my uncertainty, and I reclaimed my knowledge of the one true thing that will always be true, which is Jesus Himself.

It got me through that one bad night. But there has not been a single second in my life when that was not an appropriate prayer.

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One thought on “When we’re mad at God because we’ve sinned”

  1. Often I’ll worry about whether there are any sins I’ve forgotten or can’t/won’t see in myself, whether I’m sorry *enough*, etc. I have to remember this salvation business is all Him. His blood covers all my failures, including my failure to perfectly follow the way back He’s provided.

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