Knowledge should make us humble, not impatient

Check out the epistles, written to Christian communities that had already been catechised: Half of these letters have the very distinct air of a fifth-grade teacher whose class has no idea how to do long division even though they just spent the entire month on it, but darn it, she will go ahead and tell them again because that is what she is here for.

That is what we are all here for. If we know something good, we have to tell it over and over and over again because God knows we needed to hear it more than once ourselves.

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Image: Jaysin Trevino via Flickr  (Creative Commons)

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4 thoughts on “Knowledge should make us humble, not impatient”

  1. …. yeah but since we had been assaulted with Christmas music since before Halloween (which makes 20% of the calendar year, btw), to be honest Christmas itself is pretty anti-climactic and I’m ready for it to be over well before December 25th. For decency’s sake I can hold out until the 25th, but not one day more.


  2. Oh Simcha. Such a transparent attempt to make yourself relevant again. Pathetic. My prayer is that Christendom not accept your children should they ever apply to the college. Your liberal obnoxiousness is overbearing. Go write some more for The Jesuit rag, America Magazine and leave us Catholics alone.

  3. Love this! Even though I know full well that Christmas is a season which extends at least till Epiphany, I was still a victim of this arrogance this year. Much as I would have loved to have kept my tree and decorations up until MLK weekend, we took everything down on New Year’s Day because my son’s birthday is January 8. He would have probably been okay with substituting Christmas decor for birthday decor, but since school has been pretty intense this year, I didn’t want to leave a big job like putting away Christmas decorations for a weekend that might very well need to be devoted to studying, which requires a lot of effort on my part because he has an IEP. So we took everything down, and even after explaining our reasons, still got comments about how Christmas wasn’t over yet. So frustrating.

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