What will the detective say over your cooling corpse?

Modern Catholics sometimes preen ourselves on our stealthy infiltration of the secular world, by which we are constantly evangelizing our unchurched friends, when if fact all we’re doing is sitting around drinking beer and making butt jokes, which religious and secular people do in perhaps slightly different ways, but there is a lot of overlap. In other words, maybe your stealth evangelization is so subtle, there isn’t actually any.

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2 thoughts on “What will the detective say over your cooling corpse?”

  1. “And from that day forward, I judged my house according to how snotty Jerry Orbach would be while stepping over my cooling corpse.”

    I laughed a little too long and a little too hard about this.

    Was it St. Francis who said, “Preach the gospel at all times. If necessary, use words.”

    …Just googled that. It was not St. Francis.

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