Think globally, like the Church, and vaccinate

I used to be hesitant about vaccines. I defiantly told my pediatrician that I’d “done my homework” and wouldn’t be needing about half the vaccines on the list. I didn’t think my particular kids were at risk for these diseases, and so I didn’t think my kids should have to get jabbed. Pretty simple.

Now, however . . .

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23 thoughts on “Think globally, like the Church, and vaccinate”

  1. You couldn’t be MORE WRONG on this issue and NO you have not really done your homework – and NO, the reason the Vatican so readily sees vaccination as an unmistakable good is because the “ethics” board has been corrupted from within – Satan’s hand is in this … not withstanding all the evidence of harm, the Church has forsaken its members and its core tenet that demands each individual act according to his/her moral conscience. “For the greater good” DOES NOT trump fundamental human rights … Church doctrine is CLEAR on that … but Satan has gleefully turned the Church upside down on that one. Vaccination is a medical procedure with KNOWN RISKS for injury and death … obviously you have never reviewed the Vaccine Injury Compensation reports that detail the billions of dollars paid out for the lives snuffed out and those damaged beyond repair because of INFECTION BY INJECTION … no, vaccination is AN ABOMINATION in God’s eyes … what part of “keep the body pure” do you not understand? So now you have blood on your hands … sleep well

    1. Always glad to hear a perspective from a doctor. Where did you earn your medical degree?

      1. Simcha, How is it ever okay to inject a murdered child’s dna in to your body? how can you ever justify that?
        I know not every vaccine has aborted fetal cells, so I speak only of the ones that do have this.

    2. I think I legitimately need a drink after reading that comment. Good gravy. What about fundamental human rights of children to not die of polio? Or to not be crippled for life? Or for children to not be deaf as a result of in-utero exposure to measles?

    3. Just FYI -“Toni Krehel- who is listed as an “AP” which is an acupuncture professional from what I gather. Ms. Krehel claims to specialize in the “approach of fusing together Chinese Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine and frequency specific BioEnergetic technology”
      She is also listed as a mother of three who has a child who experienced brain swelling after a series of vaccines. I am sad that this happened.
      I believe in vaccination of the healthy to keep really ugly diseases at bay. We protect the weakest among us.

  2. If parents do their research and determine that their kids should be fully vaccinated, great! But if other parents do their research and determine that because of a family history of adverse reactions, or an auto-immune disorder, or whatever, that their kids *shouldn’t* be fully vaccinated, also great! What I can’t stand is that when people like me have serious concerns, we get called ignorant and murderers, until, Ooops! look, my kiddo had an adverse reaction, just like I suspected would happen. I was an irresponsible idiot until the day I wasn’t.

    It does no good to attempt to persuade people to vaccinate while calling them names and dismissing their legitimate concerns.

  3. If you would continue to research past what is comfortable for you and what is spoon fed to you, you will learn that it is often the vaccinated that are getting sick and spreading it to others. This article is so wrong on so many levels. Please do real research. On this level, it’s no wonder you think they are safe.

  4. Amen. I had chicken pox as a child and have been vaccinated 4 times since with no luck. I have no immunity and it is something I worry about every time I am pregnant.

  5. With all due respect I think if you’ve “done your research” you wouldn’t be posting an article such as this.

  6. Not sure the Catholic Church has a stance on vaccines…especially not if they are pro-life. I’m not injecting my family with aborted fetal cells. No, just no.

  7. Thank you. One if my best friends has a brother with cystic fibrosis, and he can’t get vaccinated because of his compromised immune system. Herd immunity saves lives like his.

  8. Amen X a billion, Simcha!

    I’ve been immunized fully about 4 times. Once as a child, once in college because they didn’t feel my paperwork was OK and twice as an adult to see why I had no Mumps immunity. Lo and behold, I am part of the small group of people who can’t be immunized against Mumps, so I rely on everyone else not spreading Mumps.

    I thought it was no big deal, but my PCP was horrified. She says that if I were pregnant and caught/ was exposed to Mumps, she would recommend abortion, given the birth defects associated. So, that’s a sobering prolife reality that people need to bring into the calculus.

  9. My eleven-year-old daughter had a persistent cough. I thought it was from allergy trouble. Then I got an email from school about confirmed cases of whooping cough in her grade. There was a list of symptoms. My daughter exhibited all but one of them. She was up-to-date on vaccines, but sometimes they don’t “take.”

    I was overcome with horror when I remembered that the day before we had seen a friends’ newborn, only a few weeks old, at mass–my kids love babies and before I knew it my daughter was kissing and cuddling the little one. (I had stopped her, reminding her of her cough.)

    I called my pediatrician immediately and they saw my child that day and tested her for pertussis: she did not have pertussis. She had bronchitis and the doctor put her on antibiotics. Our friend’s baby did not catch anything from us. But I still remember that event as one of the most frightening of my life: for the baby’s sake, for my friend and her family’s sake, and for my daughter’s sake.

  10. This is disgusting use of your publicity! How dare you make such a ludicrous statement as protect the herd… those WITH vaccines are constantly starting outbreaks.
    What about the innocents, the aborted fetal cells used in vaccines? What about the millions of children injured by vaccines?

    1. Bingo!!!!! It’s apparent that she has been bought!
      These people keep believing the big pharma lies bringing them farther from the truth.

  11. Thank you! Vaccinations are an unalloyed benefit to humanity. The antivax movement stems from a lie by a man who wanted to boost the financial value of his own invention and lost his medical license as a result. It is nothing but fraud. If the only people who were affected were the idiots themselves, it would not matter, but they hurt their own kids and also ther people who have been responsible. Keep up the good fight!

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