What’s for supper? Vol. 126: In which I eat a lot and feel sorry for myself

Like the guy in the back of the horse costume, I’m always behind.

My food photos are mostly scattered to the four winds, sadly. Some are on the phone of my son, who is at a party. Some are being held hostage by my iPad. Some, I may have just dreamed. You’ll be glad to know the one of the glistening, tumescent sausage made it through.

Here’s what we had for supper this past week. Carb counts at the end (some of them, anyway).

Hamburgers, chips


Oh yes, spring has finally come to the Fisher house, and the Fisher husband immediately started cooking outside. Delicious. The burgers were also very good.

Gochujang pork, rice, sesame asparagus


My very dear and slightly crazy friend Kyra (YOU KNOW KYRA) sent me a completely marvelous package which included a ten-pound tub of gochujang. TEN. A ten-pound tub, of gochujang. And I’m not sure it’s going to be enough. 


Okay, that wasn’t even the most startling thing in the package, though. Smoked dried squid. Vegetable twists — “Lonely God” brand, of course. Pork . . . Floss? I don’t know what to do with pork floss. Help me out here!


Kyra and a bunch of friends also worked together to make the most amazing thing for Lucy. It’s a stainless steel-and-jasper chainmail medical alert bracelet. It has my cell phone number engraved on the back, and she loves it. I will share the pic as soon as my stupid iPad will talk to my computer. They’re currently angry about something.


My dad was over for dinner, and my brother and his five awesome kids and their nice little dog came over, too! We had a great time. It was the worst day of the cat’s life. He caught four mice in the next four days. I guess he thought we were holding job interviews for his replacement.


We christened the gochujang with pork and more cookout. In the morning, I mixed 1.5 cups of gochujang with 2/3 cup of honey, 4 Tbs sugar, 4 Tbs soy sauce, and a ton of minced garlic, and set a bunch of boneless pork ribs in it to marinate all day. We also did a big batch of pork ribs with just salt, pepper, and garlic powder for those not on team gochujang.


I made a bunch of white rice in the Instant Pot using the 1:1 method (all you have to do is rinse the rice thoroughly, then add one cup of water for each cup of rice, close the top, close the valve, and press “rice.” IP rice comes out nice and sticky).


For the asparagus, we doused it with olive oil and a little sesame oil, salt and pepper, and a lot of sesame seeds. I spread it in a shallow pan and put it under a hot broiler until it was a little charred. Tasty.


Oven shish kebob, corn on the cob, cherry tomatoes


I cut a boneless pork loin into cubes and mixed it up with chunks of green pepper, portobello mushroom cut in half, and red onion wedges, and dumped an entire bottle of Italian salad dressing over everything, then let it marinate for several hours.


At dinner, I spread everything out in some shallow pans and put them under a hot broiler until, you guessed it, it was a little charred.


I love this meal so much. It’s not as good as actual shish kebob, of course, but it’s so freaking easy, and people can pick out whatever they want. You can serve the food on toasted buns if you like, or just eat it plain. The kids call it “shishkombobulated,” but I don’t think that’s necessary.


We also had cherry tomatoes, mostly for the color, and the first corn on the cob of the season. Guys, if winter hadn’t stopped, I was gonna die. It was so awful this year.


Hot dogs and surely some other things. Maybe beans? Carrots?
Bangers and mash, peas


This is what it looked like, okay?

When I make a big batch of something, I keep track of all the carbs that go into it, then measure the whole thing, then divide it up and arrive at carbs per serving. I thought I’d be a smarty and make an individual portion of mashed potatoes, but it’s harder than you’d think to choose measurements of stuff you’ve always eyeballed before! I used one medium potato, 1/3 of a cup of milk, and 1 Tbs of butter, plus salt and pepper. It was pretty milky.


I don’t know if you’re supposed to have gravy or what, but we didn’t. Everyone got a heap of mashed potatoes and a couple of sweet Italian sausages, and some peas. I actually made this meal the day before, because we spent most of Wednesday at the pediatric endocrinologist. Then we were supposed to go to Diabetes Group for lunch, but instead we found a spot by the river and enjoyed not being with people.

You know, I spent most of Monday at the hospital myself. I think of myself as a healthy person, but when I look at all the different effing meds I’m on, I guess I’m not. I went to the ER on Monday because I could no longer ignore the increasingly severe chest pains I’d been having all week, plus disruptive dizzy spells and nausea. My heart looks okay, thanks be to God, but we don’t really know what is causing this nonsense, except possibly my migraine medication isn’t helping. I had high blood pressure, which is unusual for me, so I got a prescription for that. So, it’s a big ball of ugh and I am trying to just get on with life, but it’s a bit discouraging. This week sucked.


Yes, I have been eating less meat and salt and whatnot since then. I ran two miles today, and I had a salad for lunch!




I had a small amount of nachos.



I had a small amount of ravioli. Look, I’m not on trial here! My heart looked fine!


Well, here’s the carbs, or some:

Bangers and mash

1 med potato: 37
1/3 cup milk – turned out to be too much: 4
1 Tbs butter: 0
sweet Italian sausage: 0

2/3 cup peas: 13

Clancy’s White Round tortilla chips: 11 chips, 19 carbs
meat with Casa Mamita taco seasoning, 2 envelopes, 36 total
meat: 0
(2.39 lbs raw, 4.5 cups cooked. Seasoned meat is about 4.5 carbs per 1/2 cup)
salsa: 3 g for 2 Tbs
sour cream: 1 carb per Tbs
Happy Farms finely shredded taco style cheese: 1/4 cup, 1 carb
chips: 22 chips, 38 carbs
meat with seasoning: 4.5 carbs per 1/2 cup
sour cream: 2 Tbs, 2 carbs
popsicle: 10
apple: 15
70.5 carbs total Lucy meal
I guess we just did the rest of the carb calculations on the fly, because that’s all I have! Smell ya later!
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9 thoughts on “What’s for supper? Vol. 126: In which I eat a lot and feel sorry for myself”

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  2. Btw, I don’t know how I missed that “chest pain” paragraph in your last post. The ads can be distracting! (Sometimes they seem like they are part of the blog post, and it throws me a bit).

    I agree with Karen about stress!

    I had a couple of days from hell last month. My son drove three hours on bald tires to be with us on Easter. The next day he had a grand mal seizure and then a partial one. He’s a huge guy, and my children all watched in horror as he seized, turned blue, and I struggled to get him on his side so his tongue wouldn’t block his airway. The next day the alternator on my car (that has 325,000 mi on it) gave out in the middle of a busy intersection. Thank God my son happened to be in town so he could help us.

    There is also the usual, all over, 24-7 stress of my hubby’s job, and a boss who thinks everyone should work around the clock.

    My heart hurt. Badly. It was beating all weird and hurt all the way through to my back, with a burning sensation. We only have catastrophic insurance, so my doctor was a bottle of wine. That worked. But a day on the beach or a hike in the woods is the best prescription of all. The kids inevitably howl and balk at the thought of being away from screens, so it’s not easy to *get* to that picnic on the beach, but once we get there it’s just what the big doctor ordered. My husband grilled meat over some rocks in a big sand pit with the ocean in front of us. He looked blissful for the first time in a while. (And those were the best, smoky steak Chimichurri and arugula sandwiches ever.) We spent the whole day there.

    And drank more wine.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  3. The title you chose for this Volume pretty much describes me every week. Anyhoo. I thought I’d chime in with some un-asked-for anecdotal advice. A few months after my brother died I started having severe chest pains, and since he had died unexpectedly at age 30 naturally I was mildly freaking out over the thought that I might have a heart condition. I got my heart completely checked out and it was fine (and it turned out that I had been mis-diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse when i was 14), but they offered the idea that it might possibly be reflux, caused by (guess what!) stress. To say that you have had stress in your life recently is, perhaps, an understatement.

    Anyway, they put me on prescription reflux meds and lo, the chest pains went away. Just in case the medicos have not suggested it as a possibility you may want to float that.

  4. Spring has sprung here. A long time ago I enjoyed eating rice mixed with a little bit of meat.
    I hope you are feeling better.

  5. Traditionally, bangers and mash IS served with brown onion gravy. The bangers and mash in the photo look smashing, though.

  6. Hi Simcha, Did you maybe not mean porn loin? Love your writing and have been reading for years!

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