Learning to live as a baptized person

It was a kindly old priest in Coke bottle glasses, a matter-of-fact French Canadian servant of God with no desire to act as Grand Inquisitor. But his simple, basic questions did the job they were intended to do: They let us know that this was real, this was serious, and our responsibility was not going to go away.

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4 thoughts on “Learning to live as a baptized person”

  1. Can we see photos of the rebel phase? C’mon.

    I’m already picturing outrageous haircuts and cigarettes dangling from lower lips.

    Even the baby has this “I’m on to you, and you’d better live up to your responsibilities” look in her eyes.

  2. This very thing was the subject of our homily last Sunday. Our priest called it “growing into the grace of our baptism.” Such a rich expression.

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