Contest winners + I’m on The Catholic Podcast with Joe Heschmeyer

Sorry for the delay in the list of winners! Everyone on this list has been notified using the email they provided to enter the contest.

Christine Dumouchel
Julie Von Rotz

Victoria Treboschi
Theresa Hardy

Lori Magelky
Stacia Demeulenaere

Jamie Piper
Jake Casey
Jessica Marsh

Rachel Nesbitt
Debbie McGeehan
Catherine Burnham

If you entered and see your name here and haven’t seen an email from me, please check your junk folder, or make sure that you didn’t provide an obsolete email to Rafflecopter. (If you entered using Facebook, Rafflecopter showed me the email address that is associated with Facebook.)

Congratulations! And thank you so much, one more time, to all the generous sponsors. You are wonderful.

Next order of business: I had a wonderful (well, that’s how I remember it) conversation about NFP, Humanae Vitae, chastity, and Jell-o with Joe Heschmeyer of The Catholic Podcast (unfortunately Chloe Langr, the regular co-host, couldn’t be there). You can hear the podcast here, and check out tons of other resources we mentioned in the conversation.


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One thought on “Contest winners + I’m on The Catholic Podcast with Joe Heschmeyer”

  1. What a pleasure that was! I had never heard of Joe Heschmeyer, but he was great! He kept up with you very well and had things to say that weren’t stupid, and that’s not common in Catholic podcasts or radio shows.

    Two comments:
    1 The idea that half the men on a given airplane are looking at porn on their phones is really bizarre and flies (get it?) in the face of my experience. Do you have any support for that claim? Is this just on flights from Vegas to Bangkok or something?
    2 The following show notes are false – maybe it refers to a different podcast you’ve done with him?
    “Show Notes ​​​​​​
    Topics we discussed:

    How to encounter beauty through music, nature, and literature
    ​​Why you should sing (even if you’re tone deaf)
    How to pause and contemplate beauty in our daily lives”

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