But what if I don’t love God?

They really, really loved God, enough to willingly die for Him, enough to renounce their families for Him, enough to cheerfully surrender their riches and beauty and power for Him, enough to praise Him with their last dying breaths.

And I? I didn’t love God. I didn’t even like Him.

That worried me.

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3 thoughts on “But what if I don’t love God?”

  1. I really enjoyed this piece, especially “It’s not a mere matter of counting one’s blessings until one cheers up. It’s a matter of retraining our hearts to see life as a gift with some complications, rather than as a burden with a few perks.”

    (How about flip the order: Life is not a burden with a few perks, it’s a gift with some complications.

    Not to trivialize, but I can see that on a tote or a poster or a coffee mug, with the word “GIFT” big and colorful.)

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