Nothing looks pretty when it’s still becoming

What is our final project? Ah, that’s the tricky part. If I’m making a lobster costume or a vampire costume, I have a general idea of how it needs to look when it’s done. But when it’s our own selves we’re working on, there is less clarity, less certainty. We’re not in the process of making a costume or a disguise; we’re in the process of becoming who we are meant to be. If we have a clear picture in our heads of who we’re meant to be — or, even worse, if we think we’ve already become it — we’re probably wrong. Sorry!

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Image of unfinished Godzilla costume courtesy of John Herreid

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2 thoughts on “Nothing looks pretty when it’s still becoming”

  1. I get tired of looking at myself. You are so right that if you look to God, then there-in lies hope. And hope keeps us going. Any other way and it’s disappointment after disappointment. But what of those who don’t care to look at themselves, but rather, always focus on other people or other “things”. Who don’t think anything is wrong with how they are- I’m surrounded by these people in my extended family and at my work, in the shops and on the roads…they make the journey difficult.

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